Domain Names

Registering A Domain has never been easier

Domain Extension Yearly Registration Fee
.Co.Za $15.00 Per Year
.Com $15.00 Per Year
.Co $15.00 Per Year
.Net $15.00 Per Year
.Org $19.00 Per Year
.Biz $19.00 Per Year
.Name $19.00 Per Year
.Info $19.00 Per Year
.Co.Uk $29.00 For 2 Years
.Mobi $19.00 Per Year

Need to know more about Domain Registration?

Q) What is the domain name system?
A) The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users to find their way around the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address - just like a telephone number - which is a rather complicated string of numbers. It is called its "IP address" (IP stands for "Internet Protocol"). IP Addresses are hard to remember. The DNS makes using the Internet easier by allowing a familiar string of letters (the "domain name") to be used instead of the arcane IP address. So instead of typing, you can type It is a "mnemonic" device that makes addresses easier to remember.

Q) What does it mean to "register" a domain name?
A) When you register a domain name, you are inserting an entry into a directory of all the domain names and their corresponding computers on the Internet.

Q) Do I have to be a resident of the country that I buy the domain for?
A) No. There are no restrictions or rules when registering these domains.

Q) What is the difference between domains?
A) There isn't really any difference aside from the name and slight price variation.

Q) Why are different domains such as used then?
A) It is simply an easy way of signifying information related to your organisation such as the geographic location, type of organisation etc...

Q) Does the domain have to be hosted in the same country that it represents? For example does a domain have to be hosted in South Africa.
A) No. A domain can be hosted anywhere.